Monday, April 6, 2009

Great meal!!!!

Yesterday, I had a great lunch with my son. Even though it wasn’t the most nutritious. It was meal that I ate without giving in to Ana. JJ had a hamburger and I had a chili dog and we shared an order of fries. We talked about dinosaurs, Curious George and sexy ladies. My three-year-old son has discovered girls. Two girls in bikini tops came into Hardees. It took a few minutes to get him back to eating. I remember thinking while I was eating that I am so glad that I didn't kill myself a few months ago. Even though, I still have bad days from time to time I don't want to miss my son discovering things and growing up. But for a hour yesterday, it was all about a mother and son. Not an eating disorder.

The whole weekend was great. Last night, I walked on the beach with my husband. It was a little cool but it was so nice. It amazing how if we take a little break from our lives how things can be put in some sort of perspective. This morning, we got an early stop with breakfast at a Bojangles. The steak biscuit is sky high in sodium but I love having one once in awhile. As my son would say it was delicious with a carton of orange juice. I even ate the crumbs. Both my son and husband seemed surprised. I thought about getting another but didn't want to push it. Well, time to head home and unpack. And clean all the sand out.


  1. Aw, I love that idea -- putting time with your son above the eating disorder. I know it's hard, no matter how much you care about someone, to ignore those voices. The more I do it, the easier it seems to get...

  2. sounds like you are doing pretty well these last several days....are you ready to come see me and join me for the festival??? You know it is coming up. How about some chicken on a stick!??

  3. Just checking out your blog!
    It's great that you've had a good weekend.
    I *love* the topics of conversation that you shared with your son. So great!


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