Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chicken on a stick

Chicken on a stick rocks!!!!! I love it. It was so worth the wait. I had one and split another with a friend. The festival was nice. It was weird not having to take pictures or write a story about it. I lived worked at the newspaper in Pickle Land for almost seven years. I was amazed at how many folks remembered me. I had a nice time even though it was little warm. One of my friends is a published author and had a booth at the event. Her booth was beside the newspaper where I used to work. The anger and bitterness is gone about the whole incident. It has been replaced by pity. I pity the newspaper itself. It was a damn good paper for more than 100 years and it took being brought by a bad man to turn into a sad little weekly.

In life, I think we all should work at really great place with really great people and do really great things. At the newspaper I used to work at, we did that. We were a small paper but we rocked. We consistently beat the daily paper, covered our area well and had a great time doing. Where else in the world would I have been allowed to have a cubicle that was shrine to James Dean and Curious George. We were an eclectic group of people brought together by fate. If I ever win the lottery, I will buy the paper and hire each person back to restore the paper's reputation.


  1. I get pretty attached to jobs, so I understand your sadness. I bet you can find a similar environment again.
    Yay for chicken on a stick :)

  2. Chicken on a stick = fabulous!
    Kelly :0)


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