Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chapel Hill Day

Once again, I am here for study day with the nutritionist and therapist. Oh by the way, GO HEELS. Congratulations on capturing the championship.

Since it is just me at the house. I leisurely got up and ate breakfast, which was some leftover Manwich from last night. Yesterday, I went mini grocery shopping. Instead of spending five minutes in the store. I was in there for 30 minutes. I got a little anxious but manage to calm myself down. I brought some good stuff--peas, corn and broccoli with cheese,garlic toast, hamburger, orange soda, water and a Glamour magazine. I felt goog being an active participant in my recovery. It just felt so good to shop even for a little bit. I may have to try this some more.

Today, it was a nice drive. I burned a cd for the drive that included U2, Coldplay, Lady GaGa, Lil Wayne and others. So I was dancing while driving. Gotta go, the nutritionist is here.

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