Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy Busy

I am trying to get everything done before I leave for Pickle Land tomorrow. My son and I took a roll of film so I dropped it off to be developed. I am interested to see how his pictures turned out. He loves taking pictures especially of me. I am not good with mirrors and photos of myself but I did it for him. Hopefully, the pictures turn out okay and I can put some on the site.

We got him some basic generic video system with games for beginners. We played some yesterday. He loves the racing game especially crashing the motorbike. So far, today has been a fairly good day. I had a grill cheese for breakfast before I cut a little grass. I am leaving the rest for next week. I get tons of magazines in the mail so I wanted to make sure a path was cut for the mail lady. Plus, my husband killed a huge snack last week. Last summer, my son and I encountered a snake in our long driveway while walking to the mailbox. Do you know that snake reared its head at us. Needless to say, I picked my son up and ran screaming to the house. Not looking forward to all the snakes and mosquitos. My policy on snakes--if you don't mess with me, I won't kill you. But if I find you on the deck or messing with the cat, then we have a problem.

I am packed and ready to go. I straightened up the house some so I wouldn't come home to a dirty house. My husband has census training for the rest of the week and my son will be with my sis-in-law so the house should be fairly clean. Looking forward to my trip. Don't really have a set agenda in mind. Just going to see my friends and have a good time.

Tomorrow, I head to Chapel Hill to wrap things up with my therapist there. I will miss her but if I get the job then I am going back there for treatment. I had thought about taking her up on the offer of the free treatment but my unemployment benefits were cut some so I will focus on my treatment closer to home. But I will miss her. It was nice to be understood and for someone to really help me with recover. I think Isla will do a good job. Well, gotta get back to my to-do list. I am headed to a late lunch at Subway. I think I will eat outside. It's a really pretty day.

Daily Dose:

1. My mom is doing great.

2. Hilbert left a present (a dead bird) for me at the back door. I guess it is her way of thanking me for feeding her.


  1. Speaking of Hilbert....Brother has had "Blackie", a gentleman of a cat hanging around his deck and sleeping on one of his patio chairs now, on and off, for about a year. Recently, he has learned that his gentleman friend has been deceiving him. He now has delivered 2 adorable kittens under his screened in white and one black like him...I mean "her"! :)

  2. Your son sounds so cute and sweet :) I totally know what you mean about pictures. Seeing myself in pictures is often very disorienting. I'm usually much thinner than I thought I was. It's very weird. Good luck at Chapel Hill with your therapist. I hope the new one "gets" you :)


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