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Bah humbug to littering!!!!

I hate litterbugs. Especially the person who had a huge box full of trash fall off of their truck and onto my property. My husband thinks the state of North Carolina should move it. With the budget cuts that the state is having, my son will be in kindergarten before that box is moved. So I put on my work boots and moved it. I am not much of a yard person but I like for the outside of my home to look neat and cared for. So I am not thrilled with people who litter especially the one who throw a empty bottle out of his window while I was picking up the trash. Sorry but I just needed to vent.

My phone interview is at 3 p.m. today. I am nervous but I think I will do well. Even though, my husband has started his census job--he lingered around this morning so I could talk. I have been in this position before with a job. I get my hopes up and don't get it. So I am cautiously optimistic. JJ is with my in-laws while I do the interview. They have to make a trip to Wal-Mart. Iron Man couldn't have kept him from that trip. My son is a Wal-Mart lover at 3 p.m. He knows most of the greeters. "I have to see my people, Mommy," he said. While I was up, I had some leftover chicken from dinner on the porch. I haven't seen my son's cat since I returned home Sunday. Neither has my husband. There are wild dogs in the area, construction and lots of traffic, I hope Hilbert is okay. I miss our morning porch chats.

For dinner, last night I had chicken wraps. In addition, to the wraps, my husband ate all the leftovers. We watched American Idol. My prediction is that Matt will go home. Danny and Adam did a great job. Those two will be in the finale. I am still amazed that my husband has gotten into the show. Not complaining because I love it's something that has brought us closer.

Daily Dose

1. Be able to buy the newspaper everyday. Got to have my news.
2. Supportive in-laws


  1. Sorry to hear about your dose of trash this well...hope that Hilbert comes back soon. I know how you feel...not having seen Jack the CAT since Jan. 20th.

    I am thinking of you during your interview....CALL ME when it's over...and I am sending you really GOOD vibes. So is ML! :)



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