Friday, April 24, 2009

An absolutely lovely day!!!

Wow, where to begin. I have had a great visit here in Pickle Land. It started today with breakfast at McDonald's and the morning paper. Then to Goldsboro to see some folks. Went to Beulaville two of my favorite consignment shops. No clothes but I brought the book, the Devil Wears Prada and a lime green photo album. I have found you can never have to many frames or photo albums.

After a quick lunch at Hardees of a chili dog and fries. Back to Pickle Land, where I stopped at another consignment shop where a brought a bunch of nice shirts. Then I went to my former place of employment--T. It was nice seeing one of the people. After the paper was sold last year, there are very few former people. But the office manager is still there and is really nice person. I know she must be miserable but realizes in this economy that a job is a job. It was nice visit.

Today was day of catching up with old friends. My next stop was a visit a former colleague and friend who taught me so much about the journalism. I think I am a better reporter because of him and my former editor. I learned that people are key in community journalism. It was nice seeing N. He has been sick and I worry about him because he is in his mid-sixties with no wife or children. All of us former T folks check in on him to make sure he's okay.

After a few hours with N, I was off to the annual booksale at the Library. Some of my best book finds have been at those sales. I got a ton of books for $20 plus two huge bags of Yoga magazines.

Earlier in the day, it had been decided a group of us former T folks were going to meet at Hibatchi Grill in Goldsboro. Since I spent almost two hours at the book sale. I went to my former editor's house to catch up and get a ride to the restaurant. Dinner was great. It was buffet but I was up to the challenge. I ate mostly broccoli and chicken. It was nice seeing and talking to my friends.

Now I am finally back at Dream Diva's where I'm writing this and watching Ghost Whisperer. It has been a loooong but productive day.

Daily Dose

1. Consignment stores and library book sales rock!
2. Reminiscing with old friends

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  1. Sounds like you're having fun :) I'm with you on never having enough picture frames and albums!


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