Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a day!

Study day went pretty good. During couples' therapy, a lot of things were said. I opened up to my husband about my ED and he in turn opened up to me. We don't talk about my ED. We just do this dance around it. My husband is not the type to cry. Yesterday, he cried when he talked about I looked back in August of last year. He told me what he sees when he looks at me. He sees me at 75 pounds not the 105 lbs that I am. Yes, I have lost two pounds. My therapist is not too concern but wants me to work on maintaining. Yesterday, things got pretty emotional. I am not good at emotions so it was hard to hear but I am glad he said it. But here's the good thing that came from it--it kept the lines of communication open. Instead of a looooong quiet ride home, we actually talked.

Also during the couples' therapy, we talked about our communication style. I isolated myself in my room or ignore James. And he pretty much does the same in order not to make my ED or anxiety worse. Therapy truly works when you are ready to accept it.

Now for some good news, bad news. Good news--I have a job interview tomorrow at a paper that is 45 minutes from my home. YESSSSS! The job posted on Thursday. I mailed my resume and clips on Tuesday. The editor called me in Chapel Hill yesterday. She wants to interview me tomorrow. Bad news--I have a stomach virus. I haven't been feeling so hot but didn't think it was anything. Well it was something. This is my worst nightmare. I hate vomiting and once I get a virus, I don't want to eat anything. But I have been taking medicine and forcing myself to eat chicken noodle soup. I must maintain my weight and I am going to that interview. I can be sick afterwards.


  1. Sounds like couples therapy was what both of you have been needing for a long time. I hate to hear that you have a virus...but keep the spirit will get through this...this is probably part of the funk that had you a few days ago, it just took a bit to manifest physically. Give in to it, tell it to leave your body, and it will...then stick your chin up and go get that job!!!! Good luck chick!

  2. Sorry to read that you have a virus :-(

    take care
    best wishes Ribbon

    & thanks for all that you share.

  3. A little bit of time has passed since I last visited. I got caught up on some of your older posts and am happy to hear about your job interview. Hopefully you're over your stomach virus by now and feeling well.

    "See" you again soon.


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