Friday, March 13, 2009


I read this column in my local paper about the number of books that former President George W. Bush read in 2008. The man read 40 books. How did he have time to read 40 books? I was unemployed for most of 2008 and I didn't read 40 books. This is man, known for his lack of reading, being praised by Karl Rove as a bookworm. I’m a bookworm and this made me think. In the past few years, I have kept a list of how many books I read in a year. So on January 7, 2009, I made a resolution to read as many books as possible and why I chose those books in 2009.

I have read six books since that day. There is no set criteria for what books I pick out. I read what I want to read. In addition, I have talked about magazines I like and libraries I attend. It has turned into quite a little hobby. So I decided to keep track of my reading here. In addition, I also read a lot to my son. We read about three to five children’s books a day together. He also loves to "read" to me. The boy has got some great comprehension skills. Dinosaurs and Curious George are usually top choices but we have learned about colors, numbers and the alphabet. I want to instill in him a life long love of reading and how this love of reading has kept me sane at times.

We are still at the beach. It’s nice and peaceful here. We have to return to tomorrow since I have an event to cover. But for now, I sit on the patio watching beach.

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