Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family outing

Yesterday was a pretty decent day. We had to take our son to presurgical services to discuss his upcoming MRI on Thursday. We met with the anesthesiologist. I was rather pleased with the visit. My husband was not. He had the doctor had slight words when he found out he couldn't go back with our son. After talking with the folks in radiology, we found out it is up to the anesthesiologist whether or not the parents are there. My husband and in-laws can be difficult at times with medical professionals. This is why I take the study week by week. I never know how he will be.

I am a little nervous about Thursday but I am ready. After the doctors, we took JJ to see his first movie in a movie theater. He had an absolute ball. He had popcorn and a slushy. He told us that he could get used to this. We went to see "Bolt." This was the only children's movie showing. Miley Cyrus is okay but I couldn't really get past her voice throughout the film. But the most important thing was that my son had a great time.

I didn't get the job. I'm a little bummed out but that's life. Now I am going up against reporters who have worked for the Charlotte Observer for years that have just been laid off. But I have a plan B. I figure I will just find a job. And I can still freelance so I will still be able to write and have an outlet. Plus I have this blog so I will be okay. If this had happen a few months ago, I would have been devasted. So I'm trying to keep my chin up and remain positive. Today is definitely a library day. Libraries come me down when I am stressed and upset. At least tomorrow is study day.

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  1. What's happening with your little boy? I sincerely hope all is well.

    best wishes Ribbon


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