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Thoughts from a couch in RR

Here are some of the many thoughts that have ran through my head during the last few days.

I like to be warm. This is why I chose to live in North Carolina. Winter is winter and summer is summer. But the last few days have been rough. On Tuesday, it was 20 degrees outside. I am 40 years old and can’t remember the last time it was so cold. Things are back to normal at 37 degrees. There is a big difference between 37 and 20. I have been the last few things being warm and nesting inside my apartment.

Downtown Abbey has returned. I was so happy that I could barely contain myself. It is in my top five of must watch shows.

The computers at my job are bit antiquated but I am able to listen to iheartradio. Thanks to the site, I have discovered a lot of songs I wouldn't have heard.

I am doing a phone interview with Kellie Pickler in the morning.

I have a massive amount of writing pens. I went through them and filled a bag full of them. Now, I am going to be the pen fairy. I will giveway good pens to nice people.

I am trying to read at least one book a month. 

In 2014, I promise myself that...
  • I will have some articles published in a magazine.                                            
The ground work has been laid. I just need to do it.
  •  Instead of constantly complaining about the issues at my current job, I will be part of the solution to help make things better.                                            
I have some ideas to increase circulation and community trust. 
  • I will be more sociable.                                                                                            
Instead of rushing home to watch reruns of Criminal Minds, I will become more involved with others and the community.
  •  I will try one new thing each month.                                                                             
I will try a new activity, meet a new person or learn something new.
  • I will go on an overnight road trip with my son.                                                      
I want us to have an adventure this year.
  • I will come up with a plan to fix my teeth.                                                                   
I am tired of having bad teeth and not being able to smile. I think this is part of the reason I am so anti-social.
  • I will make sure friends and family get copies of the photos I have of them from their younger days.                                                                                                     
I have a huge box full of photos. They need to see the light of day.
  • I will continue to work on my relationship with God.
I made some great strides in 2013 but I want to do better in 2014.
  • I want to write more.
For years, there has been a story in my head. I think it’s time for it to be read. 
  • I will go through the clutter in the spare bedroom and apartment.
I want to be more organized in my life.
  • I want to get my finances in order.
I want to be able to do more for my son 
  • I will continue to work toward an ED-free life.
I am not completely recovered. I still have bad body image days and still occasionally restrict. There is still work to be done and I am not giving up.

With this list, I don’t think I will be spending as much time on the couch as I did in 2013.

1. Buying a pair of fleece lined tights. They are the best item ever for cold weather.

2. Finding the book I have wanted at a consignment store I frequent.

3. Making the perfect batch of chicken and rice.


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