Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kicking ED to the curb and being "dotty"

For three years, the dress I am wearing hung in my closet. For various reasons, with ED’s nagging voice playing a large role, I never wore it.

As I was going through my closet Tuesday  morning, I saw and put it on.  I wore it proudly. It illustrates how far I have come. I looked awesome. And I felt good. I am tired of hiding in shadows. 

I am tired of beating up myself for real and imagined faults.

In a few weeks, I will celebrate 4 years in RR and in three months, I will be 40. 

Four years ago, I arrived frail and broken to RR. This person no longer exists.
At the time, I was deep in ED and didn’t care about life because I figured I would die. Now I have made great strides in my recovery. I am enjoying life.

Tuesday was an awesome day with everything coming together with my body, clothes, hair and career.

And I am still feeling good today. 


1. Feeling good about myself!

2. Vacation starts on July 29!

3. Being asked out on a date!

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  1. You look cute. And yeah for feeling good about yourself. These moments of clarity where the positive outweighs the bad are so precious.


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