Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happiness is...

For me, it has always been the simple things that make me happy. Hearing my son's voice or eating a slice of cheesecake.

But today, it was something very simple--a  new pen. Actually four of them. 

Good pens always make a writing assignment so much better!

After a long day of meetings and other stuff, I wanted to do something for myself. I went to the community college bookstore and spent 15 minutes looking at pens. It was the best 15 minutes of the day. I must have tried out more than 50 of them. I was in heaven.

I am on a new medication, which coupled with long work hours and fighting off yet another cold, makes me exhausted. Money is tight but getting those pens were worth it. Happiness is... a  new pen. 


1. Being treated to lunch after a two-hour board  meeting.

2. Given a slice of cake to take back to the office!

3. New pens!

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