Thursday, February 9, 2012

Visible but invisible

Being a reporter puts you in the middle of the action. Everyone sees you but doesn’t. On the surface, they see you as this person who paints a written record of their event. But they have no clue what is going on under the surface. You could say the same about me. Some of the people I cover, I don’t know the first thing about them. I thought about all of this while waiting at the world longest traffic light this morning.

I met my new therapist in the morning. I think this is going to be a very good for me. Her name is Caroline, which is one of my favorite names. She sits in a rocking chair and has a comfy couch for clients. Her dog is also in the office. I felt positive vibes from the moment I pulled into the parking lot. Her office is 30 minutes from RR in Virginia. The drive gives me time to prepare and rock out to music. 

In the beginning, we had a “it’s a small world exchange.”
C-Have we ever met before?
M-No, not to my knowledge.
C-I know I have heard your voice before. Are you on the radio.
M-Technically, no but I have to a promo for the newspaper once a week for a radio station in the area.
C-It’s you. I know I had heard your voice before.

I didn’t know that people in Virginia listened to that radio station. I guess you never know who you will me. I feel like I am slowing finding my way back to the path of the recovery. At least, I no longer walking blindly in the forest.


1. Looking cute in a pink in black skirt! 
2. Eating three meals and two snacks on Wednesday!!!!
3. Starting the cleaning process. My apartment looks like a crazy person lives there.

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