Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good times, good times

JJ and I had a great time during my vacation. We roamed around and met people. My husband has had a chance to grieve and get away from the drama of his family.

 One of my favorite things was taking him to the newspaper to meet my friends and to see what I do for a living.

In the last few days, I have watched a lot of kid friendly movies.

When my son sees a photo of himself as a baby, he goes “those were good times, good times.” Well, my vacation was made up of good times. I had a great time. It was the first real vacation I had taken in years. And all I did was hang with JJ.

But all things good things must come to an end. So I am back at work. And JJ is with his dad at my apartment watching cartoons. They will be here with me until June 19. I will not lie and say it has not been an adjustment. The toilet seat was the first. But I have enjoyed them. Plus, I have had a chance to cook and bake.

I don’t know if JJ is moving here or if my husband and I will be together. I am taking things one day at a time and enjoying every moment of it.

Today, I working on a healthier lifestyle. I am drinking more water and did some exercises this morning. It feels good to feel good.

Daily Dose

1. Waking up and seeing my son in the next room.

2. Making memories

3. Snapple sorbet pops--They are AWESOME!!!! 


  1. Glad you are enjoying your vacation and some time with JJ and your husband. One day at a time. Enjoy the now and see where it takes you right?

  2. I'm glad you are having such a great time with JJ!!! I understand about your husband - I am pretty much in the same situation, and I am trying to take things one day at a time regarding our relationship.

    Continue to have a wonderful vacation - you deserve it!


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