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Odds and ends from being busy

The last few days have been exhausting. On Saturday, I covered a triathlon. I am not a sportswriter but managed to fake it very well. The only downside, it was cold and windy. I admire people who have a passion for something. Even if that something is a swimming 300 yards, biking 14.8 miles and running 3 miles. Despite the cold, I got a good story and some really great photos.

I found this door in my roamings. Ms. Reid would approve.
Thanks to my job, I have been able to experience and meet so many different people. On Sunday, I got to meet and interview Aunt Viv of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She not only lives near here but is a photographer. Her Doors collection featured doors from Africa, Spain and Italy. They were so beautiful. And she was amazing and so down-to-earth. We had a 15-minute interview.

I am not a plant person but I had a chance to go to this organic nursery and learn some new things. Also I got take some cool pictures of the things I learned about.

I am not sure what kind of flower this is but I love it.

They look like candy corns. I love candy corn.

These look like little fuzzy caterpillars.

As much as I enjoyed the event, it meant that I wasn't able to go home and see JJ. For the next few days, when I am not working, I will be working on the apartment. I can't wait until he arrives.

This is so true!
Last night, I gave the bathroom a real good cleaning. I realize something. I shed hair like a dog. If I ever decided to kill someone, which I wouldn't, but if I did, I would be caught. The bathroom is pristine. I vacuumed the living room and straightened up in there. It looks like something out of a magazine. I have washed and put away all of the dishes. Next up is my bedroom and the mountain of laundry that needs to be put away. The spare room is a work in progress and will not be done. So my son will not be going in there. We will be camping out in the living room. He is a camping phase.

Daily Dose

1. Having a day off and doing something instead of sleeping all day

2. Only 6 more days until JJ arrives!!!!

3. Meeting Daphne Maxwell Reid


  1. Sorry about the cold. YUCK! And yes, mad kudos that can even THINK of doing a triathlon. I smiled reading "Aunt Viv" :) And your pictures, I went to a greenhouse here and for the life of me, wouldn't you know I didn't take pictures of the names of the plants/flowers? I know there is a neat name for the first one, but it'll take me awhile to figure it out. Ooh are you going to make forts??? And I'm taking your sleeping all day b/c I've been up since 5am yesterday, 3 more hours and it'll make 24. sigh. Take your Vitamin C so you aren't feeling so yucky!!! GOLD STAR on all the cleaning and my hair is my paper trail too :)

  2. haha the part about the bathroom made me laugh. I'm right with you, i routinely pull a nest of my hair out from clogging the drain.

    have fun camping out!

  3. I think that pink flower is called a hibiscus. They come in different colours (red, pink, orange too I think).

    I think you've just inspired me to do some spring cleaning too.

  4. Found you off someone else's blog. I have no choice but to follow you. I mean, Criminal Minds? Olive Garden? Dean Koonz AND Stephen King?

  5. Hi chica! The flower, the one you don't know what it is...that's a Hibiscus...just like the monster in my dinning room, only mine is red where this one is pink. They are beautiful!


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