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Greeting from my second "home"

I bring you greeting from my second home--my desk. The picture is of my computer and my muse, Bonnie the Bunny, who watches as I write my stories. There is one of several mugs of pens on my desk along with the candy cup and a picture of my little guy, JJ. This is where I spend most of my 50 plus hours each week. I love my little world.

Writing has always been a passion of mind. I have tried to write some fiction and some really bad poetry. The things I have done to woo guys. It was bad. Anyway, I have found my calling in being a reporter. I love being able to tell someone’s story. To them, it may not be important but to me it is.

On Tuesday, I did an interview that warmed my heart and delayed dinner by an hour. I met a Swedish man who is bicycling all over Europe and the United States. And with him is the ashes of 12-year-old boy. The boy’s wish was have his ashes scattered all over the world and Anders is fulfilling the request. I had a chance to see the ashes scattered here in RR. To some, it may not be a big deal but to me it was special.
There are days I want to have some kind of life changing experience or adventure. Then I realize I am doing it every day. For almost a year, I have lived here away from my son, my mom and friends. And even though I missed my son like crazy, I feel more at home here than I did there. I don’t know how long I will end up being here but for now I like it. Everyday is different with different stories and people. And occasionally I meet people like Anders who are passing through.

I literally have not spoke to my husband in a month. It started with him sending snitty text messages to me right before I got really sick. So I have just been texting him. It was rough trying to work and be sick without dealing with him. So I haven’t said a word to him out loud. Which also means I haven’t spoke to JJ. In order to speak to JJ, I have to speak to his daddy. There were days I could barely breath or stay awake because I so exhausted so I didn’t speak. I figured he got the money so leave me the hell alone.

Well, I am going to have to speak to him. And I dread it. I just don’t feel like talking to him. I’ll be polite but I really just want to talk to my son. My mom has her final chemo session on Tuesday. After some recuperation, she will have a round of tests to find out her next step. I didn't have the heart to tell her that her doctor does not feel comfortable with me being around her yet. This sucks but I don't want to be the reason she gets sick. So I stay here for a little while longer.

Daily Dose

1. Bonnie the Bunny is a great muse. For some reason she always agrees with me.

2. Meeting Anders.

3. Looking forward to doing absolutely nothing tonight. Hopefully!


  1. Ugh, I hope things go ok with talking to your husband. It must be hard to be polite and civil when he's been snitty. It's great that you have work and writing as a fulfilling outlet!

  2. Sorry about your husband not being nice but it will be good for you to chat to your son! I like that you have a muse. My muse is my little badger Bracken. You story you did sounds like it was very inspiring. If I ever had become a journalist, I would love those kinds of stories too :-)

  3. I'm so sorry things have disintegrated so much with your husband and that you are going through so much, particularly with your mom (who sounds like one strong lady!) Don't let yourself be deprived of speaking to your son - you deserve to be in his life as much as your husband, and your son needs you and to hear your voice. I hope the two of you can work something out so you can see your son more often.

    I will continue to pray for you and your son and mom.


  4. Anders must be a very interesting person to meet!! You know I always admire your strenth and get inspired from you :)

    I see you got a 2010 list so I hope you succeed in doing all these 10 things! I'll try to read your previous posts and comment about them on your next so you will read it!!

    I've so missed you.

  5. Good luck with everything. It sounds like you are going through a lot, so hopefully writing is some sort of avenue to help you deal with everything you have going on.

  6. Hi Silly Girl,

    That had to be an awesome experience meeting Anders and watching the ashes being spread. How kind of Anders to fulfill the boy's wishes. cool is it that you got to report on the story. I'll bet you did fabulous.

    Stay strong, silly girl. You're in my prayers. ((hugs))


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