Monday, June 14, 2010

Today was a fairytale

Well actually yesterday felt like a fairytale. I had a wonderful time at the Lake despite almost drowning. I jumped in not realizing the water so deep. But D and her friend saved my life. I coughed up a lung, put it back and continued to enjoy my day. I have to say ED was working overtime after I bought the bikini. I think the correct term is tankini. I looked awesome it.

I am posting a pictures of me posing in it. A few months ago, I would not have posted these pictures. Hell, I wouldn't swimsuit for that matter. Some major progress has been made and a little history. Yesterday, I felt like a swimsuit model. Stretched out on the deck, lounging in the lawn chair or just going out in the paddle boat. I have to admit I was freaked out a little about that. We're in the middle of the Lake. After a brutal week, it was nice just to kick back and relax. D cooked an awesome dinner. My contribution was witty banter and Beyer's Chocolate Cookie Dough ice cream. D make a casserole of summer veggies and cheese along with baked chicken with this awesome herb gravy. I ate until I almost popped. And then had ice cream. It was a wonderful day.

Today, my chest hurts from all the water I took in and working almost 70 hours has caught up with me. I can feel the exhaustion. My body just aches. For lunch, I wolfed a microwave meal and used the remaining time to sleep. Best 45 minutes of my life. I have tried to make this week as light as possible so I have some home time. Last week, I all I did was work and come home and sleep. I can't and will not continue at this pace. It's not healthy. Plus, I really need to take a beginner's class to get more acclimated with water.

I love my job. I love the people I work with at my job. But there are other things that are not going as smoothly with the job. They are not affecting me but I hate to see my co-workers so miserable and sad. It makes me sad and mad. But at least yesterday was a fairytale filled involving a pretty tankini, wonderful fellowship and just being able to be Silly Girl.

Daily Dose

1. I have coupons for the Hardees tenders

2. I went grocery shopping and didn't freak out to much.

3. I now own a swimsuit. And I look awesome in it.


  1. Ooh, I love the look of your blog! And I love your bathing suit. You look so cute! I'm so happy that you had so much fun with D :)

  2. You look great in that suit! Wearing a bathing suit and feeling good in it is a wonderful thing so good for you! Good to get some relaxation in the middle of all of that work. I don't know how you do it! Like the new lay out.

  3. well well.. your photos look so awesome!! and the best part is that you can feel as great as you look in these!!
    I'm so happy you had so much fun, you needed some good times dear!

    as for the layout it's kinda cool, but looks a little rainy and doesn't feel like summer (or is it water splash?) anyway, I think this blog needs a happier and lighter layout :)

    take care & have fun!!

  4. You really really do look awesome in your swimsuit. You have one up on me, I'm terrified to wear a swimsuit. Though I don't need one right now since it's winter here :-)

  5. you look hot :) i cant wit to look good in my bikini.. oh hello long road to get to that xxx


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