Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking a moment to reflect.....

We all have issues. It is just a fact of life. And sometimes, things will overwhelm us. When I got to work yesterday, I found out the business manager’s grandson killed himself. He was only 31. Everyone was shocked and couldn’t understand why.

I can relate to him. I know how it feels to be in so much pain that ending seems like the only solution. My heart breaks for her and her family. He left behind a young son.
I have been in his situation.

In my case, I woke up with the intentions to die. Thank God, I thought about how much it would affect those left behind. Especially, my little JJ. It still scares me how close I was to ending it all.
This has made me think. I am glad have support in place to talk through issues.

Daily Dose
1. Having good support.
2. Wearing pink pants makes the day much nicer.
3. Taking things one at a time and not being overwhelmed by the big picture.


  1. Wow, what a powerful post. I'm glad you have support in place to talk through issues too...and I'm so glad you made the decision to keep going. That's so sad about your business manager's grandson...

  2. bless his heart... girl you shoudl have a desire to live life for you AND others, not simply to make others happy. put you first, accept ACCEPT you and what you come with, who you are, and make yourself learn to enjoy it. only then can you 'live' life!!!

    prayin for you girl, bless your heart


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