Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feeling okay

After being here a few days, I have realized something. Everyone on this floor has some form of cancer and they are in different stages. Even though, my mother and I are driving each other crazy, I still have her awake, lucid and hanging in there. Some people here are not so fortunate or blessed. The lady acorss the hall is in constant pain. So much pain that my mother had me unplug her IV machine and help her across the hall to talk with her. She said my mother brighten her day.

Today has been interesting. I am really tired. You see I sleep when she sleeps. At night, my mom get up every two hours to go to the bathroom. Last night, I helped her to the bathroom but fell asleep before she was finished. She sat there patiently for 20 minutes because she didn't have the heart to wake me up. I felt really bad. She said it was cool because she has been a little difficult.

Foodwise, things have been pretty decent. For breakfast, she had a ham and cheese crossaint with breakfast potatoes. I had fruit and orange juice.

Lunch was suppose to have been turkey and dressing with strawberry shortcake for her. For me, it was a small the works pizza from Papa John's with buffalo wings. She didn't want her meal. She wanted mine. So we switched. I mean for the first time in days, she wanted to eat. And I wasn't going to stand in her way. The turkey and dressing was pretty good.

Dinner was a wash. I think it was suppose to be barbecue chicken with snow peas and rice pilaf. I had a cesar salad and felt bad because I didn't want to share. My mom finished the buffalo wings along with yogurt, macaroni and cheese and sweet potato casserole.

Good news--We might be getting out of here tomorrow. I realize I am not a big fan of Charlotte. I do a morning and evening walk of the perimeter carefully. I am glad my mother and I had this time together. We had a chance to talk about some stuff. It scares me that she is sick. So I am taking all of these moments.

Daily Dose

1. Papa John's has the best pizza.

2. We're getting out of here soon.

3. I love my mommy very much!


  1. Hi Silly Girl,

    I was just catching up on your posts.

    I pray your mom is feeling better and will be able to go home on schedule.

    The part where you said you and your mom had a chance to talk make me smile. Although my mom died many years ago, those chats with her were always very special.

    See you again soon.

  2. I just wanted you to know that I'm reading and I hope you are doing okay. I can't imagine what you are going through right now but I think you are coping awesome. My mum drives me crazy too sometimes. I hope you get to have a proper sleep soon and some rest. I'm thinking of you!


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