Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeling good!!!!

Wednesday is group therapy day. In order to get my meds, I have to go to group therapy. I went with the depression group. They are really nice folks with some serious problems. Each meeting at the beginning, someone usually is singled out for positive reinforcement type stuff. Today it was me. They had talked among themselves to figure out the best way to say they are impressed with my weight gain. One guy said that when I first started the group back in mid-January that he thought I looked like a meth addict. He said, “Chick you know how to fill some jeans out.” Instead of feeling anxious or self conscious, I felt good.

The theme today was how some people were put in your life for a reason—good or bad. My example was my hubby. For the longest time, he was the only person in my life who would talk to me about my ED. Others were either scared or confused about what to do. Even past boyfriends chose to ignore my ED for fear of angering me. My hubby said he figured hate him but at least you will still be alive. Without him, I really don’t think I would be alive.

Finally got the grass cut after my econ meeting. It looks great. Then I had a nice dinner. Then I did my weekly cleaning while listening to House in the background. I think the house looks damn good. My husband agreed this morning. He did say “I would have cut the grass.” I have heard that sentence for the past month and half and it looked like we lived in a wilderness. I had trouble getting to the mailbox because the grass was so high. Stella and I did a great job. I took a picture of her, my kitten--Kit Kat and cute crotchet bag that I love. I paid two dollars for it at a consignment store and it matches my flats that my mom gave me. I also took a picture of my new two dollar LL Bean backpack that I got from a yard sale and my TOL pen. I feel like Dora the Explorer. My backpack holds my library books, magazines I'm donating and whatever else I need. Dora had the right thought about a backpack.

Daily Dose

1. Group therapy

2. I found out that the magazines I donate are tax deductible.

3. Dora the Explorer


  1. I love what you wrote about your husband -- how awesome!

  2. What a great bargain hunter you are! We would be a dangerous duo shopping together!

  3. Library books! I've been meaning to go there :) I hope you have a wonderful day


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