Friday, April 17, 2009

Retail therapy is the best

Even though, money has been tight. My husband gave me some money last night to buy some clothes. He has watched the donation box fill up. So he told me to treat myself to something nice. And I did. I went to a niiiiiiiice Goodwill store. I tried on 20 pairs of jeans and pants. I brought four pairs that look sweet on me. A nice top and a book. Then I went to this consignment shop called Plato's Closet and brought the bag I have been visiting for three months. At times, I have no clue what my husband is thinking but I know he cares. He knows I have a little stress about gaining weight and not being able to fit in my clothes. He nicely rreminds me that the most of the clothes I have were from the girl's section. All in all, it's been a nice day. Had my favorite breakfast. Lunch at Wendy's with a milkshake for dessert. Went shopping, looked in the mirror and didn't freak out. This is what the road to recovery looks like.

I have decided to go to the Pickle Festival next weekend. This means I will be going home. I loved in the MO area for almost eight years. Being up there felt more at home than where I grew up. So MO will always be home. Who knows. Maybe, I will be moving back there soon. As my son would say--maybe. Next weekend will be interesting. I am used to eating alone. One of my goals is to feel more at ease with eating with others or a group. So I'll see how it goes.


  1. Congrats on the new clothes :) Personally, I hate shopping, but it is SO fulfilling when you find good things (at good prices). Pickle Festival sounds fun. I may be going to the Grilled Cheese Invitational next here's to food events :)

  2. Hi Great to read that your having some fun times. Enjoy the festival... not that I've been to a pickle festival but it sound interesting :-)

    best wishes Ribbon

  3. Well.....can't wait to see you...kept you in mind when I was grocery shopping this weekend! :) Let me know what time I/we can expect you?


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