Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Hair Day!

Right now, my sister-in-law is doing my hair. She is great when it comes to hair. She really has a calling for it. But cosmetology was not her thing. She wanted to be a truck driver more. I am glad that I am eating better and soon will be taking some sort of vitamin supplement. Hopefully, I can help my hair grow back.

The house we own is small. I’m not sure of the square footage but it’s our home. Anyway, I have a lot of possessions. A lot. I could easily take over the house so most of my things are stored in my huge bathroom. Saturday, I reorganized that room. I took all the containers out and went through them. Everything is now neat and organized with labels. This is part of my spring cleaning. There is a chance I could get a job in the next two weeks and have to move for the job. I want to be ready. I cleaned while my son played and watched videos.

When I went to bed, I was tired but happy. I still have some more containers to go through but the bulk of it is done.

I am also starting a new book to track all of the jobs that I have applied for. April will begin soon and the countdown to the end of my unemployment begins. There is a plan B if I can’t get a journalism jobs. I guess I’ll work full or part-time in fast food and freelance on the side. A person does what they have to do.

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  1. Hi Well done for having your own home. I'm still renting, but the house is large.

    Enjoy having pretty hair and thank you for visiting me.

    best wishes Ribbon


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