Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting there!

It has been a long week. I had a great job interview. And the amazing thing, they had no idea how bad I felt. A few hours after the interview, I went to the emergency room because the abdominal pain got so bad. After many tests and drinking the contrast for the ct scan, the doctor said they couldn't find anything. I felt bad so I was given some pain meds and sent on my way.

My husband has been a trooper throughout all of this. We arrived at the er at 10:30 PM and left at 7 A.M. Saturday is a blur of sleeping and trying to eat. At least I was successful at a sleeping. Throughout out all of this, I actually wanted to eat. Today is my first day out. I won't say out and about because I am just out to get my seroquel and remeron refilled and to buy some peas. Yes, I have a craving for green peas with butter. My husband brought all of my favorites to eat because he wanted me to try to have something on my stomach. It took me all day Saturday to eat a container of yogurt and some crackers.

Yesterday, I called my meals greatest hits. I wasn't going for meals. I was just trying to keep something on my stomach. I have developed quite a fondness for grilled cheese. I did wash dishes. And then took a two hour nap. Today will be better. I dread the nutritionist tomorrow because my food journal will look so sad.

As for the hopefully future job, the editor may let me know something this week.

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