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Horror movies are awesome!

I have to work Halloween weekend so last weekend was my annual horror movie weekend. It was a chance to eat tons of junk food while being scared out of my mind. The rules of Jackie’s Horror Fest are simple. I don’tlike zombie movies (except 28 Days Later) and don’t watch movies like Paranormal Activity that will come back to haunt me in the middle of the night when my refrigerator is screaming. Yes, it screams. Here is the results of Horror Fest in no particular order: Jeepers Creepers—I have seen this movie to many times to count. The ending gets to me every time.The Ring—Seen it several times and it always keeps me a little shaken.Halloween—This is one of the classics of horror. Minimal gore plus Michael Myers and that Captain Kirk mask equals a good experience. This was one of the first horror movies that I was allowed to watch as a kid.Carrie—I love this movie. Don’t mess with the quiet ones.Silence of the Lambs—Well hello Clarice!Alien—This was the first horror that I ever watched as…

Hummus and other food adventures

This week, I took a big step outside of my eating comfort zone. I went with a group of co-workers for lunch to this Mediterranean restaurant. It is a HUGE thing for me to share my lunch break with others. It is my me time in the middle of busy days. Anyway, I decided to go with them and be adventurous. The menu featured items such as Falafel, Shawarma, Tabouli and Baba Gannoush. These things I had seen in magazines and on tv but not in real life. It was overwhelming. While I wanted to try something new, I was bit leary. I didn’t feel comfortable eating lamb. And not because I thought it would taste bad but because lambs are soooo cute. I am by no means an animal activist but I tend to eat unattractive animals like cows, chickens, turkeys and fish. I considered Dolmas, which is grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice. Finally I went with the restaurant version of a caesar salad. It was different from what I had ever ate. I have had a caesarsalad before but this was different. And for dessert, I had b…


Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Well in three days but let the celebration begin. It started this morning when I had my hair cut off. Since I moved to Pickleland, I had been trying to figure out what to do with my hair. Hair is not a special talent for me.  In RR, I would go to the cosmetology department at the community college and let them work their magic. During a tour with a Senator this week, I discovered the community college here had a cosmetology department. So this morning I sat down in the chair and two hours and several inches later, I have this beautiful hair. 
I feel pretty. It is a good feeling to have when you are about to turn 41. I’ll be honest. Because of my ED issues, I figured I wouldn’t make it to 30 or ever have children. Well, I’m 40 and I am the mother of an eight-year-old. Take that ED! Birthdays are special for me because of ED and losing my mother to cancer. I celebrate for both of us. Happy Birthday to me!!
DAILY DOSE 1. So thankful to see another year…