Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scary reality of today's world

To see JJ, I spend up to five hours traveling to see him. And sometimes, it is after working all day. When you are traveling the interstate, the monotony sometimes makes me sleepy. I will admit that I pull off the interstate and take a nap in the parking lot of Target or Barnes and Noble. It is not the safest thing to do but the quick nap keeps me going.

While proofing the newspaper this morning, I read something that chilled me to the core. A woman was traveling on I-95 and stopped in RR because she was tired. She decided to take a nap in the parking lot of the local hospital. A habitual offender, who wasn't suppose to be released from jail, found her there and brutally raped her and then drove out near the interstate and left her. Then the rapist went on a burglary spree. The rape victim found her rapist on our website being charged with another crime.

This has definitely made me want to be more careful. No more sleeping  in the car and being extra vigilant with my surroundings. My heart and prayers go out to this brave woman. The rapist has been to jail more than 40 times for a variety of charges.

For a small city, we have had a lot of crime lately ranging from burglary to sex crimes. What is the world coming to?


1. I have managed to stay cool despite the heat!

2. Figuring out a way to do an impossible assignment!

3. Snapple fruit pops

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hodge podge of thoughts and experiences

Instead of spending the day on the couch watching movies, I went to this farm, Wildwood Learning Farm near Hollister, NC, to take some pictures. It was hot but I had a great time with the animals. When JJ comes back for a visit, I plan to take him there. He loves animals. And he will have a good time.
Emma the pig saying hi!

With the past few weeks being kind of rocky, I woke with a new attitude this morning. I am interested in doing some freelancing to earn some extra money and experience. I just want to expand my horizons and options for the future.

A few posts ago, I put a photo of myself on this blog. In the past, I have not been kind to myself. I don't have many photos of myself or myself with my son. The main reason is because photos documented my struggles with ED. And I couldn't deal with this. But now, I am becoming more comfortable with myself. My friend N took this picture of me taking a picture of her.

Recently, I discovered the digital music for Charter. Some days I rock out and on days like to day I listen to party favorites channel. I like this channel because a mix of party movies from the 50s and up. Currently, Straight Up by Paula Abdul before she became so loopy. I am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow.


1. Finding the digital music

2. Hearing my JJ's voice

3. Meeting these three guys
It looks like they are  smiling at me!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Starting the week tiredI

It has been a looong week. JJ is doing great and the situation has been handled. Since it was not a vacation, I didn't returned well-rested. Between talking and making sure JJ is okay, I am exhausted.

It is suppose to be a beautiful weekend but I will probably spend it sleeping. Sad but true.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A phone call no parent wants

My mom once told me that when you become a parent, you take this unspoken vow to do whatever it takes to protect your child or children from harm. This week, I got very unsettling phone call from my husband. During the past weekend, while JJ was at an older cousin's home, some inappropriate touching took place. To say I am shocked is an understatement. JJ is doing fine.  Long story short, my husband has a 13-year-old niece who has some issues. Her half sister saw her touch JJ in a place she shouldn't have and told an adult. After talking with JJ, I have found this was the only time.

JJ knows about stranger danger and other key things a child should know. He said he is okay but is very worried  that everyone will be mad at him for what happened. Both his dad and I have reassured him that is not the case. We are taking JJ to see someone about this. And we are suppose to meet with my brother-in-law tomorrow to discuss the situation.

I will keep you posted. I just needed to wrap my brain around this.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Countdown to fitness boot camp

Happy Fourth of July! It has been a pretty decent weekend. The fitness boot camp starts Thursday at 5:30 p.m. To prepare, I have been working out each day along with following a special meal plan. The meal plan has been the hardest. I can only eat chicken, fish or whey. Plus, I can only eat certain fruits and veggies. It has been a complete lifestyle change that left me in tears at one point. The high points are drinking more water and less sodas, eating healthy and exercising regularly. The low points were no junk food, no pasta and no orange soda.

I found out the formally name for the camp is a "Bikini boot camp" and a lot of those signed up are pros at this. Technically, my food plan is a diet. And for a few days last week, I was always hungry and was scared that if I ignored the hunger, it might lead to restricting. After a chat with my boss, I felt a little better. I know it has been a week but I have noticed my pants fitting a little better.

I got a phone call from my husband that scared me Sunday. JJ came to him and said he had been playing around on the bed and fell off of it. One er visit, a x-ray and some stickers, my little one was diagnosed with a bruised arm and no broken bones. And JJ, who is quite the trouper, said it was no big deal. It is moments like that when I miss him so much more.

Since I worked on Saturday,  I will not get the three-day weekend that the rest of world got. But I have made significant progress with my room. I have managed to successfully put all my clothes in their proper place. For the past month, they have been piled on my bed with me going through the pile trying to find something to wear. The living room looks great and the kitchen is more organized.

So far, it has been a good summer.


1. JJ's arm is not broken!

2. On the road to being fit.

3. Being able to sleep in my bed.

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