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Words have power so use them wisely

“What happened to you? You have put on some weight.”These are not the words you want a town commissioner to greet you with before a meeting. The woman who said this to me hardly ever speaks to me. Once a month, I attend her town’s meeting, I say hi to everyone, the meeting begins, I take notes, the meeting ends and I go home. This is our interaction. We are not friends, family or enemies. 
WTF! Who tells someone this? Due to some issues, I was put back on my anti-depression med. One of the side effects is it gives me an appetite. I have gain about 15 pounds. I know this. It is a safe gain with me going from a size four to being between a size six and eight. No. I don’t like the fact that my stomach has a pudge. I don’t like the fact that my favorite dress doesn’t fit. I take it one day at a time. Some days are good and some days I am close to tears.
Another reason for the weight gain, I have been stressed. In the last two months, I have been packing, moving and dealing with work issues.…