Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying good-bye 2013

It is hard to believe that 2013 will be over in a few hours. I had a chance to see JJ this weekend for a delayed Christmas. We had an awesome time filled with gifts, adventures and Krispy Kreme. This was my favorite photo that summed up my trip.

It has been an interesting year. I was looking back at the 13 things I planned to do in 2013.

Here is a quick recap and whether I was successful.

13 things to do in 2013

I will spend more time with my son at his home and at my home.  
This year, I have seen him once a month for a long weekend. He spent a week with me in RR in August. Hopefully, I can convince his father to meet me half way so we have more adventures in RR.

 I will not let ED win. I will continue the fight. The fight continues!
I will admit the last few months haven't been easy without insurance and medication. When the clock strikes 12, I will become insured once more.

 Focus more on my love of photography.
I have busy but still stop to take photos. My son is still the focus of a lot of photos. He thinks I take to many!

Learn how to swim and buy a cute bathing suit.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to do this. My goal is to take lessons in the spring and write about it for the newspaper.

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. 
I still want to be a part of Habitat. Hopefully, it will come to fruition in 2014.

Clear out the clutter in the back bedroom. 
This didn't happen at all. In fact, the room has even more boxes in it including a lawnmower. 

Attend church on a regular basis.
I attended church a few times but would like to be more consistent.

Be a better person. Instead of complaining find a solution.
This is something I am working on daily. I want to be a better person to others and to myself.

Don't be so reclusive. Reach out to others more.
Since getting my new job, I have become reclusive and almost hermit like on off time.

Improve my writing skills.
I work on this every day. I want to be the best writer possible.

Start the process of fixing my smile.
No progress was made on this. Hopefully, one day I will be able to fix my teeth.

Cook more instead of frozen dinners.
I have been cooking a lot more. My white chicken chili is awesome!

Become a kick ass newspaper designer.
Now, I know the basis of InDesign so I am going to be experimenting more in 2014.

I am still working on my goals for 2014. I think I did pretty good this year because I didn't end in hospital for ED or become a hoarder. A pretty decent year.  

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!!!!

1. Having a pretty decent 2013!
2. Appreciating life more!
3. Finding my favorite sweater. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

My year in review according to Facebook

It is hard to believe in a few days that 2013 will be over. 2013 has been a pretty decent year.

Facebook took the liberty of compiling the 20 biggest moments of my year. A glance at the list will show that I love my son very much and 
my biggest hobby is sleeping.

Here are my moments:

1. February 9: Had a great time at the Gregory B. Davis Foundation gala tonight!

It was a great time and I got to wear my feather dress!

2. March 24: Nothing like a rainy day, a mug of hot chocolate, tons of 
magazines and no work in sight! I do love a good Sunday afternoon!

It has been a long week. I must admit very few magazines were read but did sleep a lot.)

3. April 1: Had an amazing Monday with my son. Best one in a longtime.

4. May 18: Getting ready to see Iron Man 3 with my son.
It was a good movie. We had a great time watching it in 3-D.

5. May 27: A Criminal Minds marathon and no work tomorrow. This is going to be a good week!

Marathons make me happy. 

6. June 11: Started the day thinking it would be a looooong day. But a change in plans and I’m home before 6. YAY!!!

7. August 3: At WalMart to back to school shop!
Back to School shopping is not cheap!

8. I was tagged in some Partying New Year’s Eve photos.

9. Headed to the Herald’s Community Champions Dinner! Feeling sassy!
I love this dress. I paid five bucks for it but felt like a million dollars.

10. August: Left job at The Daily Herald.

11. September: Started working at the Independent-Messenger.

12. September 17:  Two weeks on the job, I agreed to have my official photo taken. I hate having my photo taken!

13. September 20: It’s official!!!

14. Oct. 1: Came to work today and found my photo posted in the lobby.

15. Oct. 20: Had a great belated 40th birthday celebration! Plenty of good food, music, movies and homemade red velvet cake. Thanks Della!

16. October 30: Got some great news from my son! He made the A/B Honor Roll. I am so proud of him.

17. November 22: Surprise birthday party for JJ in classroom.

18. Happy 8th birthday to my son. There is never a dull moment when he is around!

19. December 12: Found out my second grader is reading on a fifth grade level. I am so proud of him!!!

20. Christmas pictures!!!

There is a ton of stuff that I didn't post on Facebook. For instance, FB does not know about my struggles with ED or how I flirt with my hot neighbor. It doesn't know about how I run a magazine circle or am starting to write a fantasy book.

It does know about my obsession with Criminal Minds. I will admit my life isn't the most exciting thing but it is my life. In my wildest dreams, I would have never imagined ending the year as assistant editor of a twice weekly newspaper. I have enjoyed 2013 and I am looking forward to more adventures in 2014. 

1. I leave in the morning to have a belated Christmas with my son.
2. Being able to proof pages while eating homemade baklava.
3. Being blessed with a job, a decent car, an awesome child and great friends.

    Wednesday, December 11, 2013

    December musings

    It is hard to believe that December is almost half over and 2013.

    My editor had an emergency last week so I had to paginate the entire paper. It was quite experience involving eight hours, lots of caffeine and tons of prayer. For my hard work, I was given the Staples credit card and told I could pick out the day planner, pens and any other supplies I needed. To me, it was the equivalent of having a shopping spree in Macy's. It took me a hour to pick out the planner and 30 minutes to pick out the pens. I am a very happy Jackie!!!

    It has been a busy month so far for me. So far, I have :
    • Used  a free moment to decorate my computer monitor, which is very old school and cracked to look a little better.

    • Discovered that health insurance is no longer cheap. Through my work, it will cost me about $425 a month for JJ and I for the cheap version. Then I found out the cheap will not cover him because he lives in SC. 
    • Got to paginate the entire newspaper by myself after my editor had an emergency. I got to see firsthand what he deals with twice a week. I now make sure I have everything done so he can do his job.
    • Tried to figure out if JJ still believes in Santa. I think he knows the truth but is wanting to say something after Christmas. We did good to keep him almost eight years. I figured it out when I was six.
    • Let JJ know that I will not be home for Christmas but on the weekend after. I have work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. I just don't have it in me to drive down Christmas Eve and drive back Christmas Day. He was cool with it and said Christmas presents don't go bad.
    • Worked hard to be social. Most days I just want to go home and shut the door on the world. I make sure to meet a friend for lunch or dinner at least once a month.
    • Had two guys interested in dating me but decided I wasn't quite ready yet.
    • Made what should be the laundry room area into a jacket and coat closet. Didn't realize I had so many.
    • Danced around the living room most night thanks to the DirecTV music channels.
    • Discovered that I eat ice cream more during the cold weather than warm.
    • Worked on a plan to figure what I need to do in order to move closer to JJ. 

    I am looking forward to 2014. I have enjoyed 2013 and looking forward to more adventures.

    1. Being able to buy lunch for a co-worker.
    2. Thankful that I have a warm place to place myself each night.
    3. Knowing everything happens for a reason.

    Happy New Year!!!!

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